Government Always Watching Out For Us – Raisin Bread Edition


Thanks to Andy Roth from the great Club for Growth for the link!

Here is the full 8:30 segment:

Thank goodness someone in Washington decided to regulate Raisin Bread. Rogue bakers across the country have been pawning unregulated bread on us for years. Joe from Jackson is the most grateful:

Amazingly, Joe is correct. Here is the website description for Sunmaid Raisin Bread: “This bread has 50% more raisins than the U.S. government requires for each loaf of raisin bread. Try toasted or for French toast, sandwiches and bread pudding.”

Jeremy found the exact bill that regulates raisin bread. Read the whole thing until your head starts spinning:



PART 136_BAKERY PRODUCTS–Table of Contents

Subpart B_Requirements for Specific Standardized Bakery Products

Sec. 136.160  Raisin bread, rolls, and buns.

(a) Each of the foods raisin bread, raisin rolls, and raisin buns conforms to the definition and standard of identity and is subject to the requirements for label statement of ingredients prescribed for bread, rolls or buns by Sec. 136.110, except that:

(1) Not less than 50 parts by weight of seeded or seedless raisins are used for each 100 parts by weight of flour used.

(2) Water extract of raisins may be used, but not to replace raisins.

(3) The baked units may bear icing or frosting.

(4) The limitation prescribed by Sec. 136.110(c)(6) on the quantity and composition of milk and/or other dairy products does not apply.

(5) The total solids are determined by the method prescribed in

Sec. 136.110

(d), except that section 14.091(b) of “Official Methods of Analysis of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists,” 13th Ed. (1980), which is incorporated by reference, will apply. Copies may be obtained from the Association of Official Analytical Chemists International, 481 North Frederick Ave., suite 500, Gaithersburg, MD 20877-2504, or may be examined at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). For information on the availability of this material at NARA, call 202-741-6030, or go to:–register/code–of–federal–regulations/ibr–locations.html.

(b) The name of the food is “raisin bread”, “raisin rolls”,“raisin buns”, as applicable. When the food contains not less than 2.56 percent by weight of whole egg solids, the name of the food may be “raisin and egg bread”, “raisin and egg rolls”, or “raisin and egg buns”, as applicable, accompanied by the statement “Contains — medium-sized egg(s) per pound” in the manner prescribed by Sec. 102.5(c)(3) of this chapter, the blank to be filled in with the number which represents the whole egg content of the food expressed to the nearest one-fifth egg but not greater than the amount actually present. For purposes of this regulation, whole egg solids are the edible contents of eggs calculated on a moisture-free basis and exclusive of any nonegg solids which may be present in standardized and other commercial egg products. One medium-sized egg is equivalent to 0.41 ounce of whole egg solids.

If the regulations for RAISIN BREAD are this complicated, can you imagine what the regulations in the cap and trade bill must look like?

Oh, that's right, they haven't even written the entire cap and trade bill that the House has already voted on. There's an entire section of the bill that is just missing.
Pretty awesome, huh? 

Here is the 8:30 segment:

***UPDATE 2*** 

I gave a speech last night and the following sign was placed next to the desserts:

"This is UNREGULATED Raisin Bread! Eating of this bread is in violation of Chapter 1 of the Food & Drug Administration Department of Health & Human Services Part 136, Subpart B, Sec. 136.160. It does not contain the proper amount of raisins. Is it not properly labeled, since it contains eggs. And it is well in excess of recommended sugar levels! Partaking of this noncompliant raisin bread can lead to a fine and/or imprisonment! WARNING!!"


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6 responses to “Government Always Watching Out For Us – Raisin Bread Edition

  1. Paul S.

    Just an aside. Did you notice how much the Sun Made Raison Maiden looks like Sara Palin without glasses? Could this be a political endorsement?:)

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  4. Airborne_Bob

    Raisin Bread today…Tapioca Tomorrow!!!! We just may need government to dictate the ingredients of Rum Cake!

  5. so what…my neighbor looks like sarah palin too.

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