Anyone Who Voted For The Stimulus Package Has Put Our Troops At Risk

My thesis: “Anyone who voted for the stimulus package has put our troops and our country at risk”

The argument: At a Senate testimony, Robert Gates said the US faces “hard choices” on weapons spending that may lead to cuts in some programs. From Heritage Senior Fellow James Carafano:

This, however, is a bad “hard choice”…short cut defense to pay for seeding the Mall in DC and subsidizing Hollywood films (yes…both in stimulus package)…and yes…the defense jobs that will be cut will be here in the US….so yes you got that right…we are going to layoff high-skilled engineers to spend hundred-of-thousands of dollars to hire gardeners. […] Don’t cut the defense budget. The world may or may not get richer in the next few years….it is not likely to get less dangerous. [Those are his ellipses]

Congressman Barney Frank, with the latest reason why he should be thrown off a bridge, said, “The biggest ongoing threat, I believe, to fiscal sanity in this country is an open-ended ever-expanding military budget.” This is a ludicrous statement. I think the chart speaks for itself:



Entitlement spending is set to hit 18% of our GDP. Defense is currently at 3.8% and defense is the problem? He’s living in a dream world.

The Secretary of Defense should never be faced with a “hard decision” on if we should fund our weapons programs. An F-22 has a flyaway cost of $141 million. The now defunct condom program was going to cost $300 million. Condom program….or 2 F-22’s…condoms…or 2 F-22’s. Hmmm.

This should not be a tough choice. I don’t see how anyone could vote for these bailouts and spending packages and still stand up and say they’re “for the troops” when they’ve bankrupt the country to the point that the military has to make spending cuts. And anyone who voted for the stimulus or any of the other bailouts has put our country and our troops at even more risk than this signed up to accept.

Dan, a member of the National Guard:

Roger from Jackson:

John from Jackson:

Chris from Medina:

Jim from Dyersburg:

James from Union City:

Greg, 25 years Air Force:

Adrien Eddleman from Jackson:

Chris from Dyersburg:

Alex from Jackson:

Tom from Jackson:

THE Craig R. Steinfels called in just after the show:


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6 responses to “Anyone Who Voted For The Stimulus Package Has Put Our Troops At Risk

  1. Hanna Talley

    I remember in Obama’s inaugural address that he said he would go line by line and cut out wasteful spending. That sounded great, but it seems to me that our President considers the defense of our great country as wasteful spending, but not more bailouts. What is happening to us?

  2. We are living in a soft-tyranny.

    Sound unimaginable?

    Think about how much control and influence the government has in every aspect of our “free” society.

    Think about the taxes they take and still can’t fund our military properly.

    Think about how they run our schools, our energy, the environment, banks, the car industry, housing market, what kind of lightbulbs we should use, how much water our toilets use, all the rules and regulations that they use to decide what is best in our personal lives and the list goes on and on and it is never enough and will never be enough because tyranny has no limits.

    Only people willing to do something about it, no matter what the sacrifice might be, can change the course of where these career politicians are taking us.

    They control everything and want to control even more in the name of “fairness and compassion.”

    Unless we become the next “greatest generation” in a different way (because we are fighting a domestic enemy with ideas and principles) and stop these socialists before it’s too late we will tell our children stories about how America was once the greatest country in the world.


  3. Our military is filled, for the most part, with men and women who are motivated, hard working and ambitious –the motive power of our society. Looters in government hate self-reliant people. If the Looters can make the military toothless, make it lazy, then it will be easier to transform this into a country full of Moochers.

  4. My generation (I’m 30), and to an even greater extent the ones that have followed, have been brainwashed by the government schools to believe in conditional convictions and situational ethics, that there is no such thing as absolutes, right or wrong, black or white. We have no hope of stopping our country’s slide into a socialist totalitarian regime without restoring the values the recent ‘greatest generation’ and the original ‘greatest generation’ (our founders) held to with everything they were. We also have to restore belief in God, from whom our rights flow. Without Him the Constitution, especially the bill of rights, is totally nonsensical.

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