Just What America Needs…

…some Czars. Auto, Energy, and Technology (?) Czars in an Obama administration. What on God’s green earth would a Technology Czar do? Has our technology in America not progressed enough without someone in Washington regulating, commanding, controlling, and overseeing our every move? Do you mean to tell me the electric motor wasn’t invented by a government mandate? Air conditioning wasn’t invented by a government bureaucrat? The airplane wasn’t invented by a “Flying Machine Czar” in our nation’s capitol?! What about the iPhone, the artificial heart, the calculator, the camera, the refrigerator, the elevator…

Change we can believe in.


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3 responses to “Just What America Needs…

  1. Red Neckerson


  2. the mike slater show is great along with all the programming that follows, but for all those info junkies like me that want to enjoy some conservative media later on i would suggest checking out http://www.marklevinshow.com . it’s only a two hour show and it’s free (audio rewind). it would be awesome to hear him live on wtjs because this guy knows American History and he takes no prisoners when it comes to fighting for America and defeating liberalism. if anyone checks it out let me know what you think.


  3. I listen to him sometimes on Sirius, his live broadcast follows Hannity. He does have good information, but somehow manages to be even more abrasive and offensive than Hannity and Rush. Sometimes it’s all about the attitude.

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